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June 6-August 29, 2011 Utica Monday Nite is an annual fun & free festival with the goals of promoting a local appreciation of arts and humanities without the limiting effects of income and to bring business to the local economy. The festival has many different events and activities for thirteen Monday nights from June to August 2011 in the public spaces and downtown parks in the Uticaarea. In its fifteenth season, Utica Monday Nite (UMN) was founded by producer/director Lynne Mishalanie in cooperation with the Downtown Utica Development Association (DUDA).

In fact, that’s one of my stumbling blocks. I’m an old athlete who’s accustomed to spending intense hour-long sessions in the gym 4-5 days per week. (But I haven’t had a gym membership in 4 years, which has really helped my weight gain.) So when I hear about doing something for 10 minutes twice per day, it doesn’t seem to me that it would be worth the effort to lace up my shoes.

I heard on the radio today that numerous independent reports of sightings of unidentified flying objects in the Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, and Raytown areas had been made. That feels like a validation, although I don’t need one to satisfy myself.” MUFON Case # 32444.

In my other Things to do in Central New York: Utica Monday Nite 2011 stories, I will give more specific information on each event-so look for them for detailed information!

“On oct 4 2011 i was at work and caught a real good look at a super gigantic ship that was slow to move and did a U turn in front of me. Now this object was so low u would hear it if it was an earthly flying object, but no sound especially at its massive size. Right after that all the animals came out and stood on top of a hill at work, weird. Second sighting i happened to still be thinking about the first and was smoking a cigarette at 830am on oct 6 and saw an aircraft with a banner tailing it. I flashed my high intensity flashlight at it to catch attention, i saw the banner disappear quick as 10 seconds after i flashed about 20 aeconds later the aircraft in front disappeared….the sky was clear.” MUFON Case # 32423.

Start early. Your child doesn’t need to understand words, they can be shown by your actions as a parent. Don’t laugh at or dismiss inappropriate behavior.

If you can join a gym, or take up running, cycling, cross-training etc that’s great, but to begin with you can simply try to include some accidental exercise in your daily routine. This could be as simple as parking app montreal the car a little further from work than you normally do, taking the stairs at least some of the time or even just a brisk walk when you have an hour to spare.

I called only a few close family and friends. I was really concerned that if I told anyone else they might think I had become mentally unstable or was hallucinating due to some physical illness or fatigue.

I am convinced that what I saw was very real and not some hallucination or figment of my imagination. I had considered that it might be some kind of spiritual phenomena, and as appealing as that thought may be, I don’t think it was. I am highly doubtful that the object was made by aliens from outer space, but I would not rule out that possibility. My best guess is that what I saw was some secret military project of the U.S. or some other country, say, China.

Near the end everyone joined together. Bonnie called Kevin out to sing even though he didn’t know the song. Then Bonnie made Jackson take a verse that started out, “When I was a young girl.” The crowd as well as the performers were enjoying themselves. My favorite song was done by Keb Mo. It was “Victim of Comfort”. Aren’t we all?

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